Bridging the gap in African sports circle through the Gospel of Jesus Christ



Our message is Christ Jesus and him crucified as focus, we embrace the core gospel of Christ and that of his Apostles: which is the revelational knowledge of the Son of God: Jesus Christ as key.
We present Christ and his word in sports circle and the church with simplicity; growing the saints of God into their inheritance without cunningness, craftiness or covering of any kind; unnecessarily burdening our followers and fellow brethren in the Lord.
We care about you with Christ unfeigned love. We believe that you have a place here, and hope you will find our non-traditional and non-denominational approach to Ministry and life refreshing to your soul, spirit and body.
Jesus Christ is Alive!


Every Mondays, Time: 5pm

Every Thursdays, Time: 5pm

Every Saturdays, Time: 5pm

Every first of the month: Time 5pm. 

We consciously wait on the Lord to seek His face for help before stepping into every new month.

  • Raising disciples for Christ Jesus
  • Partnering with Christ to bring Revival to the church ( the body of Christ).
  • Bridging the Gap in African sports circle through the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Creating the awareness of the subtle character of the devil against humanity to rob man of eternal life which is the basic thing.
    John 17:2-3)
  • Destroying the ignorance of man and establishing God’s kind of wisdom that is able to make man enjoy stability in life.
    (Isaiah 33:6)

I had my first encounter with the Lord Jesus in 1995, it was indeed an experience which I can’t deny. Something really happened to my spirit, soul and body. I knew I was saved; I knew I have got my salvation. Shortly after that; I was filled with the Holy Ghost. It was indeed refreshing. In 1996, yet pursuing a career as a professional footballer player, I was so desperate to be elevated, in that desperation; I had the second encounter: this time with confrontation concerning age falsification. Then I used to think that one using a false age to play wasn’t a sin after all its normal among sports people, but then I was convicted about the dangers of age falsification. I repented and get converted in that area; it cost me all my documents bearing under age as the lord commanded. In 1997 I moved on with my career, by 1998 I had another encounter with the lord; this time it was huge a burden as I encountered a book titled understanding vision authored by Bishop David Oyedepo, in the book I discovered that no man can be at his best until he or she settles with God to discover what God’s plans and purpose for his or her life. This discovery stirred up in me a hunger and thirst that wouldn’t be satisfied by anything or person. On that faithful day as my club was on break, I set out with a burden in search of God’s original purpose and plan for my precious life. It was my discovery by the help of the spirit of God that gave birth to the vision; as the lord said to me: you are on the right track but that is not your assignment (Satan in sports circle) and he gave me the mandate: “To go and create the awareness of the subtle character of that devil in sports circle against humanity to rob man of eternal life which is the basic thing”.